Places visited survey

This survey is about the "places visited" activity. You might want to read the places visited explanation for information about the activity. You might also like to use another browser tab so that you can browse the part of the website that each question is about before you answer that question.

If you have any questions or feedback about the activity or this survey, please contact me. My telephone number is +44 7473 180070. If you have any problems while completing this survey, please contact me so that I can fix the problems.

If you cannot complete the survey in one go, you can submit what you have done and submit more responses later. If you submit more responses, please tell me in your comments that your responses are in addition to your earlier responses.

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What we keep a record of

Priority of changes

People have suggested various changes. please specify the priority that you think each of these changes should have:

Dates of first visits

Missing visitors

Removing unwanted features

Removing unwanted features can help to make things easier to use. Are their any features that you think that we should remove?