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National Federation of the Blind

Kernel books

  1. What color is the sun
  2. The freedom bell
  3. As the twig is bent
  4. Making hay
  5. The journey
  6. Standing on one foot
  7. When the blizzard blows
  8. Toothpaste and railroad tracks
  9. Tapping the charcoal
  10. Old dogs and new tricks
  11. Beginnings and blueprints
  12. Like cats and dogs
  13. Wall-to-wall thanksgiving
  14. Gray pancakes and gold horses
  15. To touch the untouchable dream
  16. Remember to feed the kittens
  17. Reflecting the flame
  18. Oh, wow!
  19. I can feel blue on Monday
  20. Reaching for the top in the land down under
  21. Safari
  22. Summit
  23. Not much of a muchness
  24. The car, the sled, and the butch wax
  25. To reach for the stars
  26. The lessons of the earth
  27. Imagine
  28. Celebrate
  29. Beyond the funny tree
  30. Freedom

Alphabetical list of authors


Kingsley Amis


Enid Blyton

Famous Five series
  1. Five on a treasure island
  2. Five go adventuring again
  3. Five run away together
  4. Five go to Smuggler's Top
  5. Five go off in a caravan
  6. Five on Kirrin Island again
  7. Five go off to camp
  8. Five get into trouble
  9. Five fall into adventure
  10. Five on a hike together
  11. Five have a wonderful time
  12. Five go down to the sea
  13. Five go to Mystery Moor
  14. Five have plenty of fun
  15. Five on a secret trail
  16. Five go to Billycock Hill
  17. Five get into a fix
  18. Five on Finniston Farm
  19. Five go to Demon's Rocks
  20. Five have a mystery to solve
  21. Five are together again

Michael Bond


Agatha Christie


Charles Dickens



Benjamin Fry


Graham Greene


Roger Hargreaves

Mr Men and Little Miss books


Henry James


H R F Keating



Mike McQuay

A Roger Merrill

Rebecca R Merrill




Michelle Paver

Danny Penman

Beatrix Potter

The tales of Beatrix Potter
  1. The tale of Peter Rabbit
  2. The tale of Squirrel Nutkin
  3. The tailor of Gloucester
  4. The tale of Benjamin Bunny
  5. The tale of two bad mice
  6. The tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
  7. The tale of the pie and the patty-pan
  8. The tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher
  9. The story of a fierce bad rabbit
  10. The story of Miss Moppet
  11. The tale of Tom Kitten
  12. The tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
  13. The tale of Samuel Whiskers (or "The roly-poly pudding
  14. The tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
  15. The tale of Ginger and Pickles
  16. The tale of Mrs Tittlemouse
  17. The tale of Timmy Tiptoes
  18. The tale of Mr Tod
  19. The tale of Pigling Bland
  20. Appley Dapply's nursery rhymes
  21. The tale of Johnny Town-Mouse
  22. Cecily Parsley's nursery rhymes
  23. The tale of Little Pig Robinson

Terry Pratchett



Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry series
  1. Horrid Henry
  2. Horrid Henry: secret club (or "Horrid Henry and the secret club")
  3. Horrid Henry: tricking the tooth fairy (or "Horrid Henry and the tooth fairy" or "orrid Henry tricks the tooth fairy")
  4. Horrid Henry: nits nits nits! (or "Horrid Henry's nits")
  5. Horrid Henry: get rich Rick (or "Horrid Henry strikes it rich" or "Horrid Henry gets rich quick")
  6. Horrid Henry: the haunted house (or "Horrid Henry and the haunted house")
  7. Horrid Henry: the mummy's curse (or "Horrid Henry and the mummy's curse")
  8. Horrid Henry: perfect revenge (or "Horrid Henry's revenge")
  9. Horrid Henry: bogey babysitter (or "Horrid Henry and the bogey babysitter")
  10. Horrid Henry: stinkbombs (or "Horrid Henry's stinkbomb")
  11. Horrid Henry: underpants panic (or "Horrid Henry's underpants")
  12. Horrid Henry: the queen's visit (or "Horrid Henry meets the queen")
  13. Horrid Henry: mega-mean time machine (or "Horrid Henry and the mega-mean time machine")
  14. Horrid Henry's bedtime
  15. Horrid Henry: football fiend (or "Horrid Henry and the football fiend")
  16. Horrid Henry: Christmas cracker (or "Horrid Henry's Christmas cracker")
  17. Horrid Henry: abominable snowman (or "Horrid Henry and the abominable snowman")
  18. Horrid Henry: bank robber (or "Horrid Henry robs the bank")
  19. Horrid Henry: waking the dead (or "Horrid Henry wakes the dead")
  20. Horrid Henry: rock star (or "Horrid Henry rocks!")
  21. Horrid Henry: zombie vampire (or "Horrid Henry and the zombie vampire")
  22. Horrid Henry: monster movie (or "Horrid Henry's monster movie")
  23. Horrid Henry: nightmare (or "Horrid Henry's nightmare")
  24. Horrid Henry: krazy ketchup (or "Horrid Henry's krazy ketchup")
  25. Horrid Henry: cannibal curse (or "Horrid Henry's cannibal curse")

Wilbur Smith



Mark Williams

P G Wodehouse